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I remember how wonderful the AMT 1 and the other models were back in the 1970s. Especially the Transar! Those blew my mind! I’m delighted to see ESS still making great sound! I’ve heard the AMT Limited Edition, and it’s worth every penny.

I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair these headphones my dad has 1 C’s and I fell in love with ess every since

Great speaker, great company, great ownership and love their manufacturing philosophy, which is build it here on our shores. Our whole family own mint condition ESS speakers and have compared them favourably to all relevant technologies in the market. Dr. Oskar Heil the inventor of the “air-motion transformer” known as the Heil tweeter, or the Heil air motion transformer was ahead of his time. Can’t wait to hear the newest models especially the AMT Limited Edition.

superb quality in a lightweight headphone. I will forever support this company. Made in USA

ESS HEIL CLASSIC… Best i ever owned…better than the Kefs and Paradigm reference.

I’ve had my AMT 1b bookshelf speakers since 1976. I recently had issues with both speakers; especially one of them. I suspected issues with the crossovers that had been repaired by someone I really didn’t trust to have done it right. After speaking with ESS in Los Angeles I arranged to drop the speakers off (My wife commutes back there for work twice a month). She dropped them off on a Monday and picked them up to bring home on Friday. What I got back was a pair of refurbished and like new speakers. They replaced one driver, repaired crossovers, replaced and tuned both passive radiators, repaired one of the Heil’s and replaced the diaphragm, and sanded/painted/re-oiled the walnut cabinets. I’m not sure they sounded this good when they were new. Amazing job! I love these speakers. They truly do sound clear as light and just have a presence I’ve not heard in other speakers. No matter how high or low the volume is you feel like the music surrounds you and like you’re in the same room with the performers. At least four times in my life I’ve bought other speakers thinking these had reached their life expectancy. I’ve never been happy and always wound up fixing them and I’ve been thrilled I did so each time. Now they’re almost like new again. They look and sound amazing. My grilles are a bit brittle but I was able to recover them again and they look good too. I hope my son will preserve these for many years after I’m gone. They’ve really enriched my life for over 40 years now and thanks to the guys in Los Angeles at ESS I’ll have many more years to enjoy them. I’ve learned my lesson. It’s ESS for me or nothing.

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