The AMT 6″, these are well refined, and especially in the top end. Bass is not high on their list of priorities, but that’s not to be expected for their size nor their lineage. To add it now, would somehow leave them the black sheep of the family. Everything is in typical ESS proportion, right where it should be.
Part-Time Audiophile

Since 1972 ESS® Laboratories… has been an industry leader since the mid-1970s and is proud to announce the introduction of its enhanced ESS Heil AMT™ (Air Motion Transformer). The original air motion transformer was created by the noted German physicist, Oskar Heil, and his patent was licensed exclusively to ESS® Laboratories for production in the United States.

The ESS Heil AMT™ (Air Motion Transformer) uses revolutionary, and unique, technology that remains unsurpassed and is state-of-the art. The key to the system is the design of its patented, double-sided diaphragm and its magnetic components that concentrate the sound unknown in conventional transducers. The sound signal moves five times faster than the air-motion of a conventional cone driver. ESS and the Art of Pure Air Motion Sound.


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